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Do you feel uncomfortable and warm even if you have already switched on your air conditioning unit? Some would say that you might have just come from the outside that is why you feel that way. This may already be a valid reason.

However, if you turned it on its lowest temperature yet it is uncomfortable, then this is already the moment that you suspect that there is something with your unit. At this point, it is best that you already contact your friends from AC Repair Altadena CA to have it checked or repaired.

Know the issues

AC Repair Altadena CA has their best service technician to solve any kind of AC issues that you have at hand. With the se of their leading equipment plus their expertise on the field of repair, they guaranteed the job to be finished right on the same day.

However, before you hire them, it is best that you know the various issues that you may or may not face with your AC unit. To know more, here are the following:

  • Your unit makes noise- if your unit makes an inaudible sound, and then there is already something wrong with its motor. It happens when the belt that connects the blower and the motor then slips. A worn out or improperly aligned parts during installation may be the cause of this.
  • It leaks- it is given that your unit releases cool air to your home but not to water. This happens when the passages of water are blocked. If you are not able to troubleshoot the problem, then let the experts from AC Repair Altadena CA do the job.
  • It was not able to blow air- your unit creates a noise because of improperly aligned belt but if this belt is already broken, then it will no longer be able to blow out air for your house.
  • It does not cool that well- it is already best that your unit blows out air but if it is not that cool, there is already something wrong with it. It could be due to the uncharged coolants or it is already dirty.
  • It does not work-if it does not work at all, then this is already high time for you, there may be something wrong with its thermostat or to its entire unit. This indeed a serious issue for your unit which means only the experts from AC Repair Altadena CA can solve it.

The above-mentioned issues are the common problems that each homeowners in terms of their unit. There are some of these AC issues where you can troubleshoot yourself. There are already guide on how you can solve it without even bothering to pay for a repair service.

However, it is always an advantage that an expert will be the one to solve it. What if instead of solving it you even make the problem worst? Prevent other things to add up to the problem, have it solved only by experts from AC Repair Altadena CA.

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